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Engage with your users.
Build better products.

Feedture connects you with your users to establish what they love and hate about your product, allowing for a more effective focus on building something that’s awesome and wanted.

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Why Feedture is being built

Quite simply, we love awesome products. Building them should be enjoyable, engaging and efficient. Check out some of what we're creating Feedture, below.

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Engage with users on a new, improved level

Feedture encourages direct involvement with your users around the build of your product - allowing you to gain a better understanding of what they love about it, what ideas they have, and what they’d like to see in the future.

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Build what your users want, not what you think they want

Collate and review feedback, bug info and requests directly from the users of your product, helping you can maximise your productivity and output on bug-free features that users want to see.

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Minimise your churn rate

Reduce the amount of users you lose due to annoying bugs and unwanted features. Maximise retention through building what users love and directly involving them in the build of your product.

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Improve your ratings on app stores

Reduce the number of negative reviews you receive on app stores by promoting Feedture as your primary medium for feedback gathering. Review and directly reply to user feedback, remove any concerns about your product and build trust in what you are building.

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Embed directly into your website

Easily add Feedture directly to your website by copying and pasting a small amount of code, allowing for even easier engagement and gathering of feedback!

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Don't wait on us going live, we'll let you know when it happens